Little Codes

Molecular Graphics

P, D and G triply-periodic surfaces

P, D and G triply periodic minimal surfaces: P.eps, D.eps, G.eps.


Trefoil knot made of a DNA: 1240x1370.

TTM3-F slab (PIMD)

A slab of TTM3-F water simulated using path-integral MD: 2048x2048.

SFG Caricature

An illustration of the SFG technique (wave-lengths are not to scale): 1600x900.

Cage and prism isomers of the water hexamer

Cage and Prism isomers of the water hexamer: 1562x936, 852x635.

Cage vs Prism

Another cage/prism picture: 1536x1536.

Minimum energy path connecting the prism and the cage isomers of the water hexamer 852x480 (14Mb). The coordinates and the energy can be found here; the code (using TTM3-F potential) is available here.

Path integral molecular dynamics simulation of the water dimer: 800x450 (42Mb).

(c) Volodymyr Babin, 2008-2013